History of "HERS"

(Hedvig Eleonora Regina Svecia)

Riksänkedrottningens Livregemente till Häst

has a fantastic story behind.

Hedvig Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp




Hedwig Eleonora was the daughter of Frederick III of Holstein-Gottorp and Marie Elisabeth of Saxony. Her marriage to Charles X was arranged as an alliance between Sweden and Holstein-Gottorp. The reasons were that Sweden needed a secure route to its possessions in Germany that would not depend on Denmark, which was also the common enemy of both states.


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Regiment creation and end



The regiment was formed on 5 May 1661 under the name Bohus-Jämtlands kavalleribataljon. The unit was a cavalry and dragoon detachment and included two companies of 150 men each. In 1670, the name “Bohusläns kavallerikompani” was adopted.

In 1674, the name Riksänkedrottningens livregemente was adopted on horseback, after Hedvig Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp. after regimental commander Colonel Rutger von Ascheberg received orders to enlist a complete cavalry regiment in southern Bohuslän and Halland.

In 1685, the entire so-called Warberg County or northern Halland, together with some adjacent parishes, was entrenched in the armory of four companies of this and in Bohuslän the Dowager Queen's Life Regiment was enlarged on horseback. This enrotation was carried out by the Governor-General Count Rutger von Ascheberg and the Assessor P. Cronhielm, but was reviewed, improved and ratified by King Charles XI himself at the general enlistment in the camp at Kongsbacka on 10 September 1689.

On 21 December 1720, the Riksänkedrottningen's life regiment on horseback (if translated)  was divided into two parts, where the northern "bohuslänska" squadron was merged with Bohuslän's dragoon battalion to form the new regiment Bohuslän's cavalry and dragoon regiment. The southern "Halländska" battalion was transferred to the boatman's quarters.


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Battles and Campaigns

Under Stora Nordiska Kriget 1700-1720

Slaget vid Helsingborg 28 februari 1710

Slaget vid Gadebusch 9 december 1712

Hallands slätforskarförening har sammanställt de dödade ryttarna vid dessa två slag. 

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